Located on Washington’s Puget Sound, Tacoma is a well-known port city. It grew at a fast pace when the Northern Pacific Railroad connected the port to other regions in the Pacific Northwest. The collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in 1940 created a bit of infamy for the city.

Today, Tacoma is known for its restored urban waterfront and its many art and history museums. Fires can cause serious damage and destruction for homes and businesses in Tacoma. That’s why you need FPI Fire Protection Inc.’s thorough Tacoma fire protection services.

Fire & Security Alarm Installation

Fire alarms are your first and most important line of defense against a fire in your home or business. We offer hardwired and battery backup fire alarms that alert emergency services and the fire department if smoke or flames are present. We also install security alarms. We offer motion detection, sound detection and other types of security alarm systems.

UL Alarm Service

If your smoke or fire alarm malfunctions, your safety and financial livelihood are at risk. We’re proud to offer 24/7/365 monitoring of your fire alarm system. Our UL alarm service immediately notifies a technician if anything goes wrong with your system. The technician will be dispatched to your location as quickly as possible to solve the issue.

UL Alarm Monitoring

Fire and security alarms are only as effective as their monitors. We offer constant monitoring by people who care about your safety and security. In case the telephone lines are damaged or cut, we offer cellular and radio frequency backup monitoring services.

Fire Alarm Inspections and Preventative Maintenance

We offer full testing, inspections and maintenance of your residential or commercial fire alarm system. These required annual, semi-annual, or quarterly inspections ensure that you’re in compliance with local codes. We provide documentation for insurance and legal purposes.

Consulting, Design, and Engineering

We’re ready to design a customized fire, smoke or security alarm for your building. Our engineers look forward to working with you during the construction of a new building. We also offer services for remodeling, upgrades and rehabs of old buildings.

CAD Drafting

Our experts in computer-aided design (CAD) are ready to assist you with developing detailed schemas and drawings for all types of projects. We’ll create plans for new installations, new construction, upgrades and more. Our architects and engineers work with your contractors and the local authorities in order to ensure compliance and project success.

Our Specialty Services

We offer a variety of specialty services to protect your Tacoma home or business from unwanted fires.

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