Sent: May 3, 2016
Subject : Team player and lessons learned


Thank you.

I wish I would have found you earlier in my career. You have been a pleasure and your team every bit a team player.

Thank you for putting your information together on lessons learned for your history of installations. Unless our team members have gone thru this more than once we have continued failed inspections.

This info you provided will go a long way in making us a better contractor.


Bruce M

General Contractor

Sent: November 14, 2016
Subject: Work well done

Mr. Cats,

I just wanted to an opportunity to commend Dave and Sam on the recent fire alarm plan submittal for the Reserve at Lynnwood. This is a fairly large multi-family project for Lynnwood and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and level of detail include in the plans. The information was complete and laid out in an easy to follow scheme. It was a pleasure to review a set of plans from somebody that appears to have the same expectation of quality that we in Lynnwood have.


Jerry J


Sent: February 8, 2016
Subject: Highly recommended

Long story- the fire department was requiring I install a fire alarm system at my new business. I had another company come out and give me a 6k quote and that I “might need more devices”. Dustin came out, took a good look at the existing system, researched feasibility, spoke with my inspector at the fire department and it was deemed that I was no longer required to install a system! In the end I did not need to use their services but they went out of their way to understand our specific situation and come up with the simplest solution to address the problem. Huge thank you!!

Sent: January 24, 2017
Subject: Fire alarm system upgrade


I have worked with our original alarm system for 23 years starting September 1993.

There were a lot of steps, but the system worked.

I have now had the opportunity to work through our new system with the P400R Fire Alarm Control Panel.

All of the steps have been simplified on the new system.

The time it takes to operate a zone or point disable and enable is now in seconds not in minutes as before.

Getting information is just as simple with a few buttons pushed.

Recently my security department had training as a group on the new system. 

Everyone agreed this new system makes working with the panel a lot easier, simple to understand.

Hope this helps,


Security Supervisor

Sent: May 9, 2017
Subject: Building final


We received our TCO today. Thank you for all your help with the fire department and giving me the background information I needed to help us be successful. I appreciate our partnership with you very much! Thank you!

Jennifer C

General Contractor

Case Study – Meydenbauer Center