Is It Time to Upgrade Your Surveillance System?

Your business’ protection should always be a priority. Having a video surveillance system is a great first step, but it does not end there. We recommend that you consider upgrades to your system regularly.

How Long Has It Been Since Your Last Installation?

Think about your last camera install. If it has been a few years, then your system may be outdated. Newer camera systems have a variety of features and higher quality images than their predecessors.

What Quality Are Your Images?

When you watch your video playback, how difficult is it to see the details of the people on camera? If you have fuzzy images or low-quality videos, you may want to upgrade as soon as possible. Video quality has continued to improve throughout the years and has added features, with cameras being less grainy than a few years ago.

How Many Features Do You Have?

In addition to high-quality images, newer cameras have a wide range of features. You can customize your characteristics based on the needs of your company. For example, you can invest in remote viewing, camera control options, email alerts based on motion detection, and more. You can also opt to have remote viewing capabilities for live or video playbacks, which help you rest easy at night, knowing that you have access at the tip of your fingers. The best way to have your security system checked is to have a reliable security service professional conduct an on-site assessment of your system.

Has Your Company Grown?

You can outgrow your security surveillance system. As your company grows, your security measures should increase with it. You should consider upgrading your system to a high-definition system with added features and cameras to cover your business. As companies grow, so do their assets, and protection becomes more critical. Growing companies tend to be able to afford higher quality systems to protect their businesses.

As technology advances, there are high-tech features more affordable and accessible to everyone. If you have any concerns about your current surveillance system, Fire Protection, Inc. is ready to consult with you. We provide unmatched video surveillance/CCTV installation and service throughout Seattle and the entire Western Washington region. For more information on protecting your company’s assets by upgrading your current system or designing you a whole new system, contact us at 425-697-9850 or email us today to discuss the best solution for you!