Fire Sprinkler Inspection Tips

A quality, working fire sprinkler system and alarm system in your commercial building are both necessary and smart investments. They can go a long way toward preventing a costly fire in your facility as well as reducing the likelihood of extensive property damage. To get the most out of your sprinkler system, it is a good idea to schedule regular inspections.

At Fire Protection, Inc. our team is there to take care of your fire suppression and protection needs in the Seattle area. Following a few tips on inspections will make sure your equipment works when you need it the most.

Picking the Right Inspection Interval

You might think that an inspection once a year is adequate to keep equipment in good shape, but most systems require a somewhat different inspection schedule. That is because individual elements of your system need attention at different times. A dry, pre-action system should be given a quick look every week, while wet pipe gauges should be looked at every month. Every three months, a more complete inspection will look at the following elements:

  • Water flow devices
  • Valve alarm components
  • Control valves
  • Signal devices

An annual inspection will look over the pipework and fittings, the sprinkler heads, and signage and bracing. About every five years the internal pipework should be scrutinized to make sure it remains in good shape.

Preventing Malfunctions and Providing Peace of Mind

A regular schedule of quality inspections by a certified contractor is the best way to make sure your equipment works perfectly should a fire occur. It also keeps your company in compliance with local codes and regulations. Finally, you gain solid peace of mind that your company and its assets have powerful protection in place.

Contact us today at Fire Protection, Inc. for sprinkler system inspections, repair, and servicing. Our mission is to limit your risks from damaging fire.