4 Ways To Upgrade Your Commercial Security System

The market for commercial security reached $194.2 billion as more businesses understand the need to protect their assets. And as thieves find new tactics, technology to stop these attacks is also enhancing.

If you want to safeguard your building then you need to upgrade security system technologies that use detection, monitoring, and accessibility to control who is on your property.

Find out the 4 must-haves when it comes to commercial building protection below.

1. Upgrade to Access Control

A commercial security system wouldn’t be complete without enhanced access control technologies. There are many benefits of using access control for your building, including:

  • Keyless entry, which avoids keys from being lost or stolen
  • Entry logs to see who enters the building and when
  • Remote access to lock or unlock doors without being on your property
  • Universal locking system makes closing time and maintenance easier

This technology uses key codes, card swipes, and even biometrics to act as your first line of defense against intruders. Grant access to new employees or alter codes when someone leaves your company. Never change the locks or worry about key duplication again.

2. Install or Enhance Your Surveillance System

Monitoring your property security has never been easier with advanced surveillance systems. If you are wondering if you need one or if your surveillance system needs an upgrade then it probably does. The reason that an upgrade is necessary is that technology has rapidly advanced, giving you clearer pictures, remote viewing capabilities, and wider coverage.

Modern surveillance systems are the best alternative or addition to an onsite security officer, as it gives you peace of mind 24/7. You will be able to see if someone is on your premises even before an alarm sounds or check for suspicious activity around your property.

3. Enforce Network Security Protocols

Property break-ins aren’t the only way criminals can steal from your company. Cybersecurity attacks are on the rise for small- to medium-sized businesses with 44% of all threats targeting these types of companies.

Training your staff on network security protocols such as keeping passwords secure and not sharing building access codes helps protect your data. But, you should also implement extra layers of online protection like multi-factor authentication to secure login access.

4. Add Alarm System

When there is a security breach on your commercial property then you should know about it immediately. Having a detection alarm system alerts you and the authorities of a break-in when motion is detected, a window is broken, a door lock is compromised, or a panic button is pushed.

At Fire Protection, Inc. (FPI), we also use AES wireless radio communicators and cellular backups to ensure the alarm system is operational even if the phone lines go down.

Upgrade Security System Technologies With FPI

When you upgrade security system technologies with FPI you get more than the latest gadgets. We also provide consultation, installation, maintenance, and monitoring support to keep your commercial building as secure as possible.

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