Why Your Commercial Building Should Invest in a Security Alarm System

Does your commercial building have a security alarm? If not, not only are you putting your goods, services and overall business at risk, but employees and customers may be at risk as well. Should there be a robbery that could have been thwarted by properly securing the premises, you may be found liable. Here are just some of the many additional reasons it’s time to invest in a good security alarm system.

Remote Access Monitoring

One of the best features of security alarm systems is being able to access the feed offsite. This allows you to permit or deny access, while checking up on how things are going while you’re a continent away on a business trip or vacation.

Reduces the Need for Guards

Having guards on the premises to step in during conflict or emergencies is essential to on-site safety. However, employing guards right around the clock can be expensive. Cameras can be an effective way to cut down on the need for security officers, especially during closing hours.

Discourages Criminals

In the age of social media, even a layman criminal understands that recorded content can be incriminating. Because of this, many criminals may choose not to target companies that have security cameras and security alarms on site.

Reduce the Cost of Business Insurance

Commercial insurance is expensive, but installing video surveillance may help to provide more affordable options. If you have a great security system in place, you may be able to negotiate a much lower rate with your insurance company than someone who does not. This is all the more likely if fire protection is included in your security alarm plan.

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