Why Should You Choose a UL Certified Alarm System Company?

Every year in the U.S., there are approximately 100,000 commercial fires. A commercial fire can be devastating to the company and those who work within it. Not only could you lose assets and inventory, but you could suffer the loss of life, or your employees could become catastrophically injured.

This is why all businesses must have a fire alarm system in place. When it comes to company safety, you can’t settle for the second-best. You may want to choose an alarm system company that is UL certified. These are alarm companies that are reviewed by the Underwriters Laboratories.

The Process of Becoming UL Certified

If a company wants to become UL certified, they need to demonstrate that they are competent and comply with the relevant standards. Their alarm systems will be thoroughly tested and inspected. Once certified, the company has to submit to an annual audit. This audit will reveal whether a company has adhered to the level of service required.

The Reasons to Hire UL Certified Companies

When you hire a UL-certified company, the company is essentially declaring that its equipment and alarms exceed the minimum safety requirements. When you use a UL certified company, you receive:

  • A service agreement
  • Transparency between you and the company
  • Decreased chance for false alarms
  • Reliable service

You never want to play with the safety of your building. If the alarms fail to alert your staff, a fire could be more devastating than it should have been.

If a security company is UL-certified, you can have peace of mind that the alarms you invest in are built to the highest standards. You have the assurance that the alarms have been installed, tested, maintained, and monitored. When it comes to your alarm system, trust a company like Fire Protection, Inc. Call 425-697-9850 or email us today for all your security and fire protection needs.