Our Fire Protection Services at FPI

Our Fire Protection Services at FPI

Fire is one of the most destructive natural disasters that could occur at a place of business. It can lead to both property damage and loss of life. At Fire Proection, Inc., we provide services that help our clients detect potential fires early and signal for help.

Fire Protection Consulting

We understand that your needs might extend beyond the standard installation. To address this, we provide consulting services to help you design and engineer a custom system for your business. We help ensure you get it done right the first time. When designing and engineering systems, we often use CAD drafting or BIM modeling and offer these services to you.


The faster you get your fire alarm up and running, the sooner your business is protected. We get the job done quickly to minimize business disruptions and get your 24-hour emergency services back online. Should you have any questions during the installation process, our technicians are ready to answer them.

Inspections and Maintenance

We perform regular inspections as required by law and requested by our clients. Our process includes full performance testing, preventative maintenance, and repairs. This helps ensure we find problems before regulatory bodies do.

UL Alarm Service

Our technicians are NICET certified. They follow strict requirements to ensure your alarm service is up and running. We complement this with a 24-hour emergency response team that can provide repairs if your system is not functioning as it should.

UL Alarm Monitoring

The best alarm system in the world means nothing if it doesn’t have an excellent monitoring service behind it. Our team relies on multiple communication methods to radio emergency services, so if one line goes down, we have other options available. This ensures your business is never unprotected, no matter what emergency arises.

While these are the main services we provide at Fire Protection Inc., there are additional professional services our team can handle. To learn more, call 425-697-9850 or send us an email today!