How to Mitigate Fire Risks on Your Commercial Property

No matter how focused you are on keeping your commercial building up to code, fires can still happen and devastate your business. Not to mention, any fire puts those in your building at serious risk. While you can’t always predict whether a fire is going to happen, you can have protections in place to help prevent and mitigate fire risk. Here is how you can take steps to a safer building.

Focus on Fire Hazards

To safeguard your commercial building against fire, you must be proactive. To reduce fire hazards, invest in routine inspections of electrical systems. Ensure that all combustible and flammable materials have adequate and appropriate storage. Other fire hazards include cigarette smoking, candle use, and poorly maintained machinery.

Create and Update Your Safety Plan

Is your fire safety plan up to date? Does your staff know the escape plan? Your emergency response plan needs to be checked and updated regularly. Everything in your plan needs to stay current as well. While fire drills can be inconvenient, they are crucial to the safety of those in the building. Every person should know the escape plan and all emergency exits and escape routes should be highlighted.

Install and Maintain Fire Protection Systems

Small fires can spread quickly. Without a fire protection system, fires can grow out of control before you know it. Fire alarms and sprinkler systems need to be regularly maintained and up to date. Regular inspections of fire protection systems and fire extinguishers can provide a safety net to your building.

A fire prevention plan is one of the main ways to avoid a fire disaster. Fire can not only destroy your building and assets, but it can lead to injuries and loss of life. To protect your commercial property against fire damage, contact Fire Protection, Inc. by calling 425-697-9850 or sending us an email today!