How to Avoid False Fire Alarms

Safety is always a priority when it comes to a business. To protect your customers, staff, and assets, you need adequate fire protection. Unfortunately, when you have a fire alarm system, if your fire alarm goes off falsely, you could wind up with fees or fines as a result. The majority of fire alarms are false. When choosing a fire alarm system, it is important to look at alarm companies who have false alarm protocols. These are procedures that ensure the validity of a threat.

How Fire Alarm Systems Address Validity

When your fire alarm goes off, the National Fire Protection Association requires that the department be notified as soon as it receives the fire alarm signal. In order to ensure that there is not a false alarm, the monitoring center will then call the phone number for the business. This is where you can give the person a passcode and determine whether the emergency services need to be called. If no one answers when the monitoring center calls, then the emergency contact gets a phone call.

How to Avoid a False Alarm

If you want to avoid a false alarm altogether, there are other steps that you can take. You can tell everyone what the passcode is so that any of the staff can give it to representatives in case of a call. Make sure that everyone in the building understands how the alarm works so they do not trigger it unintentionally. In addition, you want to perform regular maintenance on your alarm system. Alarms that are not maintained may go off randomly.

When it comes to protecting your building, you want to make sure that you have fire alarms installed. Fire alarm systems will notify the fire department or other emergency numbers. If you have a number for the monitoring system to call; however, then you can avoid having the fire department arrive when it’s a false alarm. For more information on fire alarm systems, trust Fire Protection, Inc. Call 425-697-9850 or send us an email today!