Common Fire Causes by Industry

For any commercial enterprise, fire is always a relevant concern. Business fires cause millions of dollars of damage every year in the U.S., but the level of risk is not spread evenly across each business sector. The fire risk for a warehouse that stores fireworks is going to be higher for a retail enterprise that sells clothing. Whatever company you own or manage, you should understand the most common fire risks associated with your industry. 

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Fire Causes in Restaurants and Kitchens

Not surprisingly, any industry that requires the use of stoves and other cooking devices has the potential to experience a fire. While restaurants come immediately to mind, it is important to note that many businesses have cafeterias that serve hot food. The most common causes of fires in commercial kitchens are as follows:

  • Cooking equipment causes 61% of all fires
  • Electrical and lighting causes 9% of fires
  • Heating equipment causes 9% of fires
  • Smoking equipment causes 7% of fires
  • Arson causes 4% of fires

Fire Causes in Office Buildings and Industrial Spaces

These two categories have multiple flashpoints when it comes to fire causes. Electrical wiring that is old or does not comply with code requirements results in thousands of fires annually. Arson is also a significant source of fires. In the industrial arena, fires often happen due to materials that are stored or used by the company. The ignition of flammable liquids and gasses results in many fires.

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