Beware of the Top Industrial Fire Hazards

A fire can destroy your industrial building. No matter your company or industry, fire hazards are a common threat across all businesses. At Fire Protection, Inc., we’re dedicated to fire solutions for all commercial buildings.

Combustible Materials

In manufacturing facilities, the likelihood of fires due to combustible materials is higher than in most businesses. Companies have to pay special attention to the storage of explosive materials and flammable gasses and liquids. Hospitals and medical centers may also have trouble with combustible and flammable materials.

Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchens are among the top reasons for fires in industrial buildings. You may be surprised to learn that hotels and motels are particularly prone to kitchen fires. Kitchen fires are responsible for 50% of all motel fires. Likewise, cooking is responsible for over half of all medical and hospital fires. Having a kitchen in your building provides many benefits, but it also comes with its share of hazards. When you have a kitchen, you need to include fire alarms, sprinklers, and other fire protection systems.

Faulty Wiring

Electrical and lighting malfunctions are the main reason for industrial fires. Electrical fires occur in manufacturing businesses, healthcare, and hotels. Electrical wiring and heating equipment make up most fire hazards in the healthcare industry. Equipment malfunctions can also lead to devastating fires.

Improper Work Practices

You are more likely to see improper hot-work practices in the gas and oil industry. Flammable liquids may become ignited, and electrical motors may malfunction. When working with highly flammable materials and ignition sources, extra safety precautions should always be practiced.

Many factors could lead to a fire on your property. Fire Protection, Inc. protects commercial buildings by providing fire alarm servicing and access control. If you’re ready to ensure your company’s safety, contact us at (425)-697-9850 to learn more about our fire protection solutions.