3 Ways To Improve Fire Safety at Work

Fires are one of the most dangerous and expensive disasters a business may have to deal with. From loss of property to loss of life, the toll can add up. If the business did not perform proper backups, consumer information and company files may also be lost. For these and other reasons, businesses must invest in fire safety in the workplace, but how? Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Get a Fire Alarm System

Don’t get just any fire alarm system. Get a system that comes highly recommended and is high-tech enough to tell you where the fire is coming from. Some fire alarm systems can tell you exactly what floor or even which room of the building is affected. This can help you or firefighters locate the fire quickly and put it out before it spreads.

2. Regularly Service Fire Extinguishers

You need to service fire extinguishers after using them. If you have not used them, then you need to service them every year. This helps to ensure they are in top working order, which is crucial in the event of a fire. You also need to ensure employees report the use of fire extinguishers. Imagine using it to put out a small fire months before, only to have it fail when it’s needed to tackle a sparking microwave or burning coffee maker.

3. Keep Emergency Routes Clear

Clear access to emergency exits can be the difference between life and death in some situations. Companies should refrain from putting furniture, boxes, and equipment anywhere near these doors or in the hallways leading to them. They should also remove any tripping hazards in the area or people may become trampled in the stampede out the door.

No building is immune to a potential fire. It is important to plan ahead and take all necessary precautions to save lives and protect property. Do you need to upgrade your fire alarm system? Contact Fire Protection, Inc. by calling 425-697-9850 or emailing us today to see how we can help.