Everett, Washington has the cultural offerings, beautiful surroundings, and skilled workforce to attract some of the most progressive companies on the planet. However, fires leave businesses devastated every year. At Fire Protection, Inc., we deliver fire protection services that safeguard lives and property for businesses in Puget Sound. Learn how.

Fire and Security Alarms Installation

Fires can happen due to electrical accidents, negligence, or the work of arsonists. Instead of letting them burn out of control until a neighbor alerts the local fire department, you can be proactive when minutes count. Our NICET-trained and certified technicians install state-of-the-art fire and security alarm systems.

UL Alarm Service

Underwriters laboratory (UL) alarm systems are the gold standard when it comes to alerting business owners of potential fire or intrusion threats. When local fire codes change, we know about it and customize UL alarm services to fit your company’s unique needs.

UL Alarm Monitoring

Even the best alarm systems can’t sufficiently safeguard people or property without being monitored. Fire Protection, Inc. offers Everett fire protection services that include 24-hour professional monitoring. Our monitoring services support wireless communication that serves as a backup to wired phone lines that are susceptible to tampering.

Fire Alarm Inspection and Preventative Maintenance

Electrical-mechanical devices fail when users don’t invest in regular preventative maintenance services. We offer comprehensive alarm system testing and repairs in our collection of Everett fire protection services. Make sure that your fire alarm system will work when you need it the most with our fire alarm inspection and maintenance services.

Consulting, Design, and Engineering

The best way to mitigate fire and intrusion threats is to build safety and security into your structure. We offer consulting, design, and engineering services that can get your new or renovated building off to a good start. With decades of experience, our NICET-certified technicians can guide you through choosing the right fire alarm and security systems and deciding where to place those products.

CAD Drafting

No building project happens without documentation. Let our trained technicians turn your ideas into inspection-ready drawings for your next construction project.

Our Specialty Services

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Installing a fire protection system at your Everett business is one of the most important steps that you can take to mitigate the risk that an out-of-control fire will forever impact your company’s future. At Fire Protection Inc, we make sure your home is protected with the best equipment in the industry. When you’re ready to take that step, contact us for a free quote on fire protection services.

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