Understanding Your Office Fire Alarm System

Modern fire alarm systems have come a long way from basic bells and fire extinguishers. Whether your commercial building has a state-of-the-art system or you’re considering upgrading your outdated system, learn more about the latest features of office fire alarms today. Compare systems and find out how you can improve the safety of your commercial building.

Basic Components

A new fire alarm system uses a number of components. Depending on the size of your building and scope of your commercial services, your fire alarm system may use some or all of these components. First, an alarm system needs a central control panel and power supply. Many systems have a backup power supply to keep your building safe during a power outage.

Next, commercial fire alarm systems require initiating devices and notification applications. An initiating device is a trigger for your alarm system. Most systems have automatic triggers, such as smoke detectors, but many commercial alarm systems also include manual levers and buttons to signal a fire. Notification applications include speakers, sirens, and lights that warn your employees and customers of a potential fire.

Finally, most commercial buildings require proper signage and safety interfaces. These can include everything from basic exit lighting to comprehensive ventilation systems to redirect smoke and minimize fire and smoke damage.

Typical Alarm Services

Most alarm systems are either conventional or addressable. A conventional system uses basic wiring to create different alarm zones throughout your building. Addressable alarms, however, use digital devices to identify the exact location of a fire. This allows first responders and other emergency professionals to quickly isolate the fire and protect individuals and your property.

Premier Alarm Installation and Servicing

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